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Restored Case Fish Knife

Restored Case Fish Knife
Restored Case Fish Knife
Restored Case Fish Knife
Restored Case Fish Knife
Restored Case Fish Knife
Restored Case Fish Knife
Restored Case Fish Knife

MAKER:  Case

CUSTOMIZED BY:  Orvet Customs (Dale Vincent)

PATTERN:  #32095; Fish knife


BOLSTERS:  Nickel silver

HANDLES:   Yellow American Standard jigged bone

BLADES:  Clip blade & scaler/caplifter/remover blade

LINERS:  Brass

TANG STAMPS: CASE XX/STAINLESS                                           Rear Stamp: 32095


CONDITION:  Restored vintage knife

SNAP:  Very good



CUSTOMIZED IN: U.S.A. by Orvet (Dale Vincent)


ADDITIONAL INFO:                        According to the Case Research Section here on AAPK the tang stamp of this knife dates it from 1950 – 1964. I am know very little about Case knives, I must consult the research section here on AAPK every time I sell one, but the Research Section is pretty easy to use as well as accurate. What I purchased this knife the celluloid handles were offgassing so badly that the handles were crumbling and falling off of the knife. There was no shield on this knife, only partial remnants of the hook sharpening stone. Given the brittleness of bone I did not think it was wise to thin it out enough to embed a sharpening stone in the bone handle. The knife was completely taken apart, new bone handles pinned to the scales, the backsprings polished inside and the knife reassembled. Normally for this pattern, this old I would get $75 for this knife after completing. On the final assembly of this knife while spinning the pin down there was a small flake of bone that came out around the top of the rocker pin on the pile side. It did not crack or go deep; it was just a surface flake of bone that chipped out. Because of that I have discounted this knife to $50. Sometimes these things happen no matter how careful you are. I believe this knife is serviceable and would make someone a good user. I would like to get my cost of the materials and the knife out of this and let someone enjoy this great old knife.



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Item # 32440

  • $50.00

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