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AAPK's Member Store Program

The most affordable & effective way to sell knives online!

  • Low cost provider @ only 3% of sales
  • Fast, pain-free implementation
  • Dynamic web designs for any device type
  • Customizable layout & color schemes
  • Flexible fully hosted cloud-based platform
  • Search engine optimized
  • Multiple support sources & seller resources

Getting Started Videos!

Below you will find useful video content about the AAPK member stores. Our hope & expectation is that these videos will provide an in-depth view of the many things you can do as an AAPK member store seller by way of video & audio demonstrations, instructions & more.

Complete AAPK Member Store Essentials Overview

This is a quick demonstrative overview of the AAPK member store platform. I have only included the most basic stuff that is of most importance in getting started selling.

It is the first video I have ever produced & may be lacking in quality. I will try to improve as I get more experienced in speaking instructionally & in video editing.

Link to requirements that must be met to get approved for selling:

AAPK Member Store Test Drive Instructions

Want to try out some of the AAPK member store administration functionality before you open a seller’s account?

This video demonstrates how you can login to the seller’s dashboard with a fictitious demo account & carry out some administrative tasks!

AAPK member store forums link:

Benefits of Selling at AAPK

These are some of the many benefits you will glean from selling on the AAPK platform

Reach thousands of motivated knife buyers

Access a massive audience of highly targeted customers—in the U.S. alone, AAPK has many thousands of monthly unique visitors. The knives for sale here will be advertised on every page that every visitor visits.

Highest value commerce service online

AAPK has one of the best retail platforms online & the cost to sell here is only 3% of sales. That is it. That is all. There are no listing fees & no subscription fees. For this cost, we believe you are getting the best online commerce value available.

Gain access to unique bulk buying opportunities

AAPK is contacted regularly by people looking to sell knives & knife collections of all types & sizes. We plan to give our highest rated sellers the oportunity to make offers on these items so that they can benefit by obtaining great deals on unique items for resell.

Utilize a fast, powerful, & robust platform

AAPK has built out a blazing fast & reliable retail platform. We run cutting edge software on the highest quality hardware available to bring our buyers & sellers the best experience possible.

Access effective resources & support

AAPK has a unique set of resources & support avenues available to assist our sellers. We have AAPK generated video tutorials, AAPK generated written instructional text, & peer to peer forums where sellers can help and /or get help from other. You can also contact an administrator anytime you hit a snag.

Benefit from customized store options

Your brand is important. If you have specific colors, logos, or other brand identifiers you use for your business, you can customize your AAPK member store to sync up perfectly.

Centralize your operations on a flexible & scalable sales platform

AAPK is very aware of ever changing online landscape. We have set up our platform to enable you to export your product list to use at other venues. Many online retailers currently sell or may in the future sell at multiple venues. AAPK is making that easier & easier through product export / import options & API solutions that will enable you to move your products around easily or pull data for your own personal website.

How do I get started selling?

We strive to keep things simple. Here is a rundown of the process you need to go through to start selling at AAPK.

Step 1 - Sign up as an AAPK member

We require all of our sellers to be members of All About Pocket Knives. If you are already a member, step 1 is taken care of; skip to step 2. If you are not a member, we urge you to sign up right away! Not only will it get you on the road to selling here, it will also grant you access to our knife forums, exclusive club knife deals, & all other benefits AAPK has to offer. Best of all, membership is free! Click to register now

Step 2 - Apply for a seller's account

Our sellers must be approved by an AAPK administrator to gain access to the retail platform. We have a few qualifications that must be met before access is granted by our administration team. Click here to read about the criteria. If you feel that you meet the requirements, Apply for a seller's account now! Upon completion, an administrator will be alerted & you will be approved or denied in short order. If you get denied, a reason for denial will be forwarded to you so that you can resolve any issues.

Step 3 - List items for sale

Listing products for sale at AAPK is a simple & straight forward process. When you get approved for a seller's account, you will gain access to your seller's dashboard that will contain links & instructions regarding the listing process. To see how that looks & works, we urge you to check out our instructional video for getting started.

Step 4 - Receive orders, collect money, & ship items

This is the best part. When an item sells, AAPK will alert you via email that you have a sale. You will receive details about what sold, who bought it, how they paid, etc... If everything looks good, you will ship the item(s) to complete the transaction.

Optional steps

The above four steps are the minimum & most basic activities required to sell at AAPK. They are, however, not even close to all of the activities & options available to you. You can perform many other tasks like customizing the looks of your store, manage tax settings, vacation settings, payment settings, & much more. Our many seller resources & instructions will be available on your seller dashboard to explore at your leisure.

How much does it cost?

We feel that the value offered through our retail platform is unprecedented & it is our most prized accomplishment. Our cost structure is outlined in just a few lines below.

One simple transaction fee

AAPK charges only a transaction fee of only 3% of sales (shipping costs excluded). That's it & that's all!

No listing fees

It costs you nothing to list here. You can list 1 item or 1,000 items. The listings will cost you nothing. You will only incur charges if / when you sell something & it will be only 3% of the sale price.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions about selling at AAPK

How do fees work on AAPK?

Joining and starting a store on AAPK is free. There is only one simple transaction fee of 3%. We like to keep it simple! You pay nothing until an item is sold. Once an item sells, there is a 3% transaction fee on the sale price (not including shipping costs).

What do I need to do to open a store?

It's easy to open a store at AAPK. Register an account at AAPK (if you don't already have one), apply for a seller's account, create listings, Make optional adjustments & customizations per your preference. Learn More

How do I get paid?

AAPK's easy to use checkout system works by routing payments directly to you. You can choose to accept PayPal, Credit Cards through a merchant account, or money orders. Purchases made using PayPal & credit cards will result in direct deposits into your account. Purchases made with money order payments will request that the buyer send payment directly to you by mail.

What can I sell on the AAPK platform?

AAPK's primary goal is to provide a marketplace for knife retailers, collectors & knife makers to buy & sell their knife related items. AAPK's secondary goal is to provide a platform where our members can sell anything that they want so long as the items are legal.

Our solutions allow for the retail of any legal item by displaying only knife related items on the main member store & non-knife related item on the seller's personal store pages only. Through this method, the many buyers who frequent AAPK to shop for knives only can do so without weighing through a bunch of clutter. Shoppers who visit your personal store will see everything you have listed.

If you list knives & coins for sale for example, the knives would show up in both the main AAPK member store as well as your personal store. The coins would only show up in your personal store.