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Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS

Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS
Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS
Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS
Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS
Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS
Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS
Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS
Schrade 8OT - SFO for SONS OF AMVETS

MAKER:   Imperial Schrade Corporation

PATTERN:   8OT, Senior

LENGTH (Closed):   4”

BOLSTERS:   Nickel silver

SHIELD:   Nickel silver SONS OF AMVETS shield

HANDLES:   Blue gray saw cut Delrin® handles

BLADES:   Clip, sheepfoot & spey blades

LINERS:   Brass


CONDITION:   Excellent

DAMAGE:   None noted


SNAP:   Like new




ADDITIONAL INFO: Introduced in 1960 the 8OT is the longest produced pattern in the Old Timer line. It was produced from 1960 until Schrade closed in 2004.

This knife is one I put together from new parts. Since the closing of Imperial Schrade Corp. in 2004 and the subsequent auctioning of all of the inventory, parts, etc., there has been thousands of Schrade parts for sale around the web. I have been purchasing different lots of parts over the years, from blade blanks to handle parts, pins, springs and thousands of other parts. It is taken a long time to get enough to put together knives from new parts but finally I have enough parts to be a little put together a few knives. The Sons of AMVETS knife has eluded me for many years. I first saw a Sons of AMVETS shield from parts sent to me 12 years ago or more. It's just recently I was able to put the proper handles with the shield when I received two sets of handles for the Sons of AMVETS knife built on the 8OT frame.

This knife is built out of new parts sourced from several different vendors. It has the internal Swinden system intact and functioning like a brand-new factory made knife. It will make a good user knife or a good collectors piece if someone collects variations of the 8OT. 

AMVETS is a veterans service organization, of which which I coincidently happen to be a life member. I believe the Sons of AMVETS is an organization for the AMVETS members sons. I have heard of the organization before but AMVETS is not too active in Oregon so AMVETS Posts are few and far between.


*By Purchasing, The Buyer Confirms It Is Legal For Them Purchase And Own This Knife.


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