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Restored West-Cut K-5

Restored West-Cut K-5
Restored West-Cut K-5
Restored West-Cut K-5
Restored West-Cut K-5
Restored West-Cut K-5
Restored West-Cut K-5
Restored West-Cut K-5


BRAND:   West-Cut

MAKER:   Western


OAL:   8-5/8"

BLADE LENGTH:   4-3/8”

GUARD:   Aluminum

POMMEL:  Aluminum birds head pommel

HANDLE:   Leather ring


SHEATH:   New aftermarket leather sheath

CONDITION:   Reconditioned vintage knife

AGE:     Made in 1958



 ADDITIONAL INFO:   I bought this knife about three years ago and it is set my shop all this time while I wondered what in the world I would do with it. It has some deep scratches from a grinder or a coarse Dremel stone. Of course the blades are hollow ground so that means it cannot be cleaned up easily using a belt or disk sander. The blade is not quite full; the length is down by approximately 1/8” and I don’t believe the width is down significantly. When I purchased this knife it appeared that someone had replace the handles and re-pin the pommel but never finished the work on the handle. It was rough leather rings. After sanding and shaping the handle, I dyed the leather with a light brown leather dye and then used Gum Tragacanth to seal and finish the leather. I used sandpaper and ScotchBrite wheel to take out the dings in the pommel and get but an even finish. The majority of the problem with this knife where the scratches in the blade. It was quite unpresentable! I am hesitant to put a hardened, heat-treated blade on a belt sander because of heat build up. So I chose instead to remove the worst of the scratching on this blade by hand. I made a sanding block of micarta, about 10 inches long, with a layer of leather glued to that sanding block. This helped the sandpaper to get better contact with the steel. I used strips of shop roll sandpaper clamped to the sanding block from 120 grit to 600 grit. I clamped the sanding block in my bench vice and spent two or three hours in total sanding the blade. Unfortunately such a method does result in a blurring of the grind lines, they are no longer as distinct however, the knife does look much better than it did! I wanted to restore this knife, to see if it was possible to make a scratched up blade look better by hand sanding. I have proven my idea to my satisfaction. I want to pass it on to someone who needs a good basic knife, a good second knife or a quality knife for a beginning hunter. Priced to sell including a brand-new sheath.

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