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Pal Blade Co. – Navy General Utility Knife

Pal Blade Co. –  Navy General Utility Knife
Pal Blade Co. –  Navy General Utility Knife
Pal Blade Co. –  Navy General Utility Knife
Pal Blade Co. –  Navy General Utility Knife
Pal Blade Co. –  Navy General Utility Knife
Pal Blade Co. –  Navy General Utility Knife


BRAND:   Pal Blade Co.

MAKER:  Pal Blade Co.

PATTERN:   Easy Open Jack 

LENGTH (Closed):   3-3/8” 

BOLSTERS:   Nickel silver

SHIELD:   None

HANDLES:   Rogers jigged bone 

BLADES:   Spear & pen blades

LINERS:   Brass


CONDITION:   Excellent

DAMAGE:   Some blade loss master blade due to poor sharpening.

BLADE WEAR:   Approximately 10%

SNAP:   Very strong snap and half stops both blades




ADDITIONAL INFO:      These Navy General Utility Knives were made by a variety of manufacturers during World War II. Pal Blade Co., Camillus Cutlery Co., Imperial, Utica Cutlery Co. Also there were the markings of; Made in U.S.A. and the U.S.A. One marking was probably Kingston, and the other one possibly by Pal.

For further reading I recommend Mike Silvey’s book, “The Complete Book of United States Military Pocket Knives” you’ll find these Easy Open Jack’s listed on page 101 – 103.

You can also see more pictures of the Navy General Utility Knives and information in Mike Silvey’s earlier book, “Pocket Knives of the United States Military.” In that excellent little work he shows pictures of the general utility knives on pages 65 through page 68. While it is the same subject matter in both books, they are different pictures and I believe slightly different material in both books. Here’s one for your Rogers bone collection!



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