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Case XX 1965-1969 5383 Stag Whittler

Case XX 1965-1969 5383 Stag Whittler
Case XX 1965-1969 5383 Stag Whittler
Case XX 1965-1969 5383 Stag Whittler
Case XX 1965-1969 5383 Stag Whittler
Case XX 1965-1969 5383 Stag Whittler
Case XX 1965-1969 5383 Stag Whittler
Case XX 1965-1969 5383 Stag Whittler

Vintage Case XX 5383 Stag Whittler 1965-1969 Near mint/mint, does not appear to have been used or sharpened, super nice!! Pictures are part of the description.                 USA only !!!!!!

I do not include shipping insurance, if you purchase a knife and would like to add insurance, please notify me.
Must be 18 years old to purchase.
The following explains the condition grading of knifes;

Mint:  a mint knife is one that looks and functions as factory new.   ***note that many multi blade knives come directly from the factory with blade rub marks.  This seems particularly true for stockman knives***

Near mint/mint:   looks and functions just like a factory new knife, but will have a minor flaw that prevents it from being described as mint.   Such flaws may include: scratches, in need of polish, a slight rust or corrosion Mark, a very light sharpening etc.  these knives generally haven't been used with any regularity but have been out of the box and perhaps even been logged around in a knife roll.   Most of the time this quality can be cleaned to mint but not always. 

 Near mint: a knife that presents very well but that is not new.   A great example is to consider a new knife that goes into your pocket and is carried around for a couple of months and is then put away.  It will have bounced around next to a set of keys, have a ding and some scratches, possibly has dulled and been lightly resharpened, has been dropped once or has taken a ride in the washer and dryer.  It should be difficult to tell if it has been sharpened and should look well cared for. 

 Excellent: typically this grade definition is used for older knives that have survived in much better than average condition.  These knives will have most of the original blades intact, tang stamps will be visible, handles will be very nice and intact.  Snap may be soft or softening on the main blade.  A slight gap, a slight knick, or very small non loose crack in the handles may be acceptable particularly for stag handles.  These knives should function well and retain most of their original beauty.   It should be noted that for our purposes here, an excellent 1920's Remington will likely be in slightly poorer overall condition than an excellent 2011 Case.   This is primarily true due to being in circulation for 90 years vs. 5 years. 

 Very good:  these knives are survivors, often have been Cleaned or restored to remove rust, or resharpened several times.  These knives have likely been carried for many years, but still have life and function.  The handles may be faded, slightly chipped, snap might be gone, etc. 

 Good:  the knife functions, but may have a more pronounced flaw or many smaller flaws. These knives have been used.  More pronounced pitting should be expected on Carbon steel blades and these knives may be missing legible tang stamps. 


* please note that these descriptions cannot begin to describe the multiple variables that go into grading or evaluating a knife.  Unfortunately a great deal of interpretation is necessary in order to make these determinations.  

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