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Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208

Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208
Ulster Fisherman’s Pride #208

BRAND:   Ulster

PATTERN:   #208

LENGTH (Closed):   5”

BOLSTERS:   Nickel Silver

SHIELD:   Sharpening stone

HANDLES:   Yellow composite

BLADES:   Swedge ground, long pull clip blade and hook remover/scaler/cap lifter blade.

LINERS:   Brass

TANG STAMPS:   No tang stamp, blade is etched.


CONDITION:   Excellent

DAMAGE:   Some scratches on the handles and minor spotting of the blades. Minor scratches on blades. This knife appears to have been used very little and probably spent most of its life in a tackle box.

BLADE WEAR:   Clip blade appears full, though may have been lightly sharpened.

SNAP:   Good




ADDITIONAL INFO:     This is an Ulster Fisherman's Pride. If you search AAPK for the term "Ulster Fisherman's Pride" you will find one shown in the original box with a leather sheath. That's the only one of these I have ever seen that had the box with it or the sheath. I suspect this knife was probably made in the late 1950s or early 1960s prior to the use of Delrin for knife handles, circa 1961. The yellow composite material for these handles is softer than either Delrin or celluloid and they scratch relatively easily. I think that the softer material was probably necessary to mold it around the whetstone that is inlaid in the handle in place of the shield.

This knife is kind of a fisherman's multi tool, besides the knife blade and it has six other tools built into the knife. The first is of course the hook sharpening stone inlaid in the handle. The groove in the sharpener makes it possible to sharpen a hook that has become dull. If you note there is a hole in the mark side rear bolster and people often ask me what that is for, (it is not unique to any particular brand of fish knife). The hole is there so that the fishermen can bend the tip of the hook back into position in case he straightens it out on a large fish! It's a very handy tool and I have bent a lot of fishhooks back into the proper shape in my lifetime. The secondary blade has a cap lifter at the base, the portion of the blade that looks like a very dull saw is actually used to remove the scales from fish. The third tool on that secondary blade is the hook remover, the U-shaped end of the blade. There is a fourth tool on this blade that is a big help to a clumsy fisherman like me. The hook remover is magnetized! This may not sound like a big deal unless you have dropped a small single egg fishhook into the bottom of your boat. Short of standing on your head and hoping you could pick the tiny little hook up without running it into your finger, and being off balance and at the mercy of the wind and the waves, you cannot really appreciate the value of this tool!

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