Bulldog Brand Knife Collector’s Guide

Charlie Dorton brought the Bulldog Brand to life in 1978. He began importing them from the Olbertz factory in Germany until 1987. The brand went extinct for a few years until Jim Parker bought it in 1991 and resurrected the brand under the Parker Knife Co. umbrella where the brand is still going strong.

Below you will find information & resources specific to Bulldog brand pocketknives:

Bulldog Brand Knife Image Gallery This link will bring you to AAPK’s Bulldog Brand specific image gallery. Be sure to upload any pictures you feel might be of interest to others.
Bulldog Brand Knife Discussion Board This link will bring you to AAPK’s Bulldog Brand knife Collector specific discussion forum. It’s a great place for Bulldog Brand knife collectors to share pictures & information. It’s also a fantastic resource if you seek info about this brand.
Bulldog Brand Knives for sale This link will bring you to all of the Bulldog Brand knives AAPK members have available for sale. You will find a very nice selection with new knives added regularly.