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Worth Point

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Occasionally I find items that haven't sold on eBay but are listed on Worth Point. I am not a member. Is anyone on here a paying member? Only a suggestion here. I'd be willing to send a few $ through PP to have an item looked up. I'll bet others would as well. I don't know how to suggest you go about it, but if you could advertise or make known your service, I'm sure there would be some interest.
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Re: Worth Point

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You can do a limited trial for 7 days / 7 look-ups for free if you are willing
to enter your information. Never have done this.

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Re: Worth Point

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I think you get the same information by doing an eBay Completed Listings search, and it doesn't cost anything.
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Re: Worth Point

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I do have a paid subscription to Worth Point. I have found value in the site mainly due to the sorting by sold date features and the results from non Ebay sites.
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