For Sale: Schrade USA LB7 & 125OT

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For Sale: Schrade USA LB7 & 125OT

Postby kootenay joe » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:10 am

For quite a few years i was a dedicated Schrade collector. The LB7 & 125OT (single blade folding hunter) were my 2 favorite patterns and i had at least 50 of each.
These 2 are top examples. When looking at either of these patterns and especially the 125OT look at the very tip. Should come to a pointy point. The majority you will see have the tip slightly rounded from use and sharpening.
Some years the 125OT had a lanyard hole and some years it did not. This Schrade 125OT has a lanyard hole and the early tapered sheath. Never used.
I bought the 4-pin LB7 from the original owner. He wrote a note in the box: "29.50 Sep 1978 Factory".
The serial # on this knife is: 59024 which fits the date on the box. The LB7 came out towards the end of 1977. Serial #'s got into 19,000's. 1978 was the first full year of production and serial #'s got to ~ 212,000. Schrade went on to make millions of LB7's. This is a very early one, never used with original box, paperwork and sheath.
I bought a lot of LB7's and 125OT's before i was able to spot the best ones. These 2 are the best ones.
Price for both: $160 plus half the cost of Canada Post shipping.
If you think this is expensive check ebay. And good luck on avoiding the 'dogs'. And the rounded tapered 125 sheath is correct and very hard to find.
Returnable for refund.
If interested please send me a PM or email:
thanks, kj

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