For Sale: Two Sears Camillus Folders 72 frame

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For Sale: Two Sears Camillus Folders 72 frame

Postby kootenay joe » Thu Dec 06, 2018 1:52 am

Both of these are Camillus made around the time of WW II and built on the # 72 frame, 3 1/2" closed.

Sta-Sharp 9511 Wood Carver: perfect tight whittler construction with full saber grind master clip blade. Handles are black: bone or synthetic i don't know but there is zero shrinkage and Sta-Sharp line usually had bone handles.

Craftsman 9529 Chrome Vanadium: blades set up like the early Camillus 72's, flat grind master, bone handles. This knife is from shortly after WW II

Neither knife has been used. All blades have good walk & talk and zero play. Secondaries on Wood Carver have half stops.
I only have 1 picture of each knife. I can take back side & closed pictures if you want to see these views. No surprises, back is similar condition to front.
Price $140 shipped. As always returnable for refund if not happy with them.
If interested please send me a PM or email:

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