W. Bingham Info

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W. Bingham Info

Post by knivesallaround » Sun Jun 06, 2021 3:30 pm

Hello all,

I have recently inherited an old Bingham knife and was hoping to learn more about it. Any and all information you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

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Re: W. Bingham Info

Post by msteele6 » Sun Jun 06, 2021 4:26 pm

Well, a couple of things, first off, it looks like it was an Elks Club (B.P.O.E.) member's knife. It's a shadow pattern with celluloid handles. You don't give the length so I'd guess it was a pen knife. The handle material looks like it may be waterfall celluloid, if it is, you can take the knife and slowly wiggle it back and forth and a series of black lines on the handle will appear to flow across the handle. I think that Bingham had quite a few manufacturers make knives for them including, for sure, Winchester. Bingham themselves didn't manufacture pocket knives, they were a retailer.

Hope this help.

P.S. probably pre WWII.

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Re: W. Bingham Info

Post by ea42 » Sun Jun 06, 2021 8:14 pm

I'm not positive but I'm fairly sure that your knife was made by Ulster Knife Co. I know they made a pen knife with that style of celluloid handles and they also did contract work for Bingham.


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