The first Robeson knives were imported by Millard Robeson from England and Germany exclusively. This continued from 1979 until 1896 when Robeson began manufacturing knives in the United States. Since inception, the company has gone through several reorganizations & eventually ended up as a Queen Cutlery brand.
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Post by joefm » Mon Dec 02, 2019 2:55 am


i got a few robesons that i would like to get some info on? im goin to post a few on here also i have some more which i intend to sell or trade! if your interested in buying or trading for something i post please call or txt 304-939-3258. the first one is a equal end pen knife that has a pattern number 4821 with germany underneath? a value and info on why robeson had a contract knife in germany wirh a later tang stamp ( im assuming its a newer robeson it might be old im no expert) the other is a half congress thats mint! it has delrin handles and is a newer knife i think but it has great snap good fit and the factory edge totally unused! thanks again ive only had one bad experience on here with anybody all you guys have been very helpful and i appreciate it very much! i have a price thats way to high its probably because i dont know any better or dont wanna sell it! lol!!!!
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Re: robeson?’s

Post by JACK OF ALL TIRADES » Mon Dec 02, 2019 3:24 am

Sure look nice

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Joe, advertising knives for sell in this forum is not the correct place. There are forums specifically created for that purpose.

Your little German made knife is from the mid-1950's. Robeson was trying to compete with other imported knives and remain in business. There were about a half dozen patterns they imported and also numerous kitchen cutlery and carving sets.

Your two blade congress pattern was made by Camillus after Robeson went out of business in 1965. The name, "Robeson" was purchased by a group called Cutler Federal and they contracted Camillus to make the knives.

Both these knives are perfectly serviceable, but have little collector value.

I once had full boxes of several patterns of the Camillus made knives and they were difficult to sell.


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