Modern folders for trade (maybe sale)

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Modern folders for trade (maybe sale)

Post by KnifeSlinger#81 » Sat Apr 20, 2019 8:59 pm

I have a few folders up for trade. They are all very nice examples. All have been used, some more than others. I can provide individual details and photos of any knife via request.

From top to bottom:

Spyderco manix 2 XL DLC coated S30V steel g10 handles
Spyderco military cruwear steel g10 handles sprint run
Spyderco military dlc coated S30V steel g10 handles
Benchmade 950 limited run S30V steel g10 handles
Kershaw blur limited run elmax steel aluminum handles
Cold steel AK47 dlc coated CTS-XHP steel g10 handles

Please read full post before making offers.


My trade interests are as follows:

Spyderco military with brown g10 and cts-xhp steel.

Possible interest in emerson cqc13 or cqc8, all black with no serrations.

Schrade cut co and earlier walden's that are in nice condition, NO DELRIN.

GEC's are of interest. I'm most interested in 81 stockmans, 82 slant bolster stockmans, 53 stockmans and cattle ranchers, 68 stockmans, slant bolster 66 stockmans, 15 boys knives and barlows, 77 barlows and washington jacks, 38 and 33 whittlers, 42 lockbacks, 73 trappers, 23 trappers and 85 bullet end jacks with no easy open. Stainless gec's could be of interest.

I may be interested in northwoods.

Cases from the 1960's or older in nice condition. Early 1970's cases are fine too. I like patterns such as stockmans, cattle knives, trappers, medium to large jacks and such. Bone or stag handles are what I'm looking for, especially redbone.

Possible interest in queen or schatt & morgan, if they are nice examples.

I may also be interested in custom traditional slipjoints, traditional in the purest sense.

I might be interested in selling any one of these, if the offer is good.
-Paul T.

Always looking for excellent to mint condition schrade cut co and walden knives. I really like stockman and cattle patterns.

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