Need help with this knife

The Queen Cutlery Company has been manufacturing knives in Titusville Pennsylvania for over 100 years. The company opened its factory in 1902 and continues to produce knives in the same way now as they did in their earliest years.
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Need help with this knife

Postby PawnstarWv » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:27 pm

I have a Queen knife that I got and I cant find much out about it. It is a single blade, has Queen Steel #28 etched onto blade, has the Q symbol on the tang with 83 beside it which I would assume to mean a 1989 model. If anyone has any info please help me out.. Thank you much, Matt
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Re: Need help with this knife

Postby jerryd6818 » Fri Feb 17, 2017 7:24 pm

Queen #28 Large Jack 4½" closed (Sometimes called English Jack like the #29) made in 1983.
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Re: Need help with this knife

Postby bdev » Sat Feb 18, 2017 12:35 am

First let me say that although I collect Queen knives, I'm far from being an expert.
All of the Queen 28's that I've seen have been 2 blade knives, a clip main and a pen secondary.
Also, I've never seen a Queen knife of that era, 1983, with Ebony handles (they look like Ebony from your pics).
I don't believe Queen used Ebony on the 28.
It is possible that you have a 28 that has been re-worked into a single blade with replacement handles.
If it is, whoever did it did a nice job.
I checked the Queen website for their 1983 catalog but they don't have a PDF. Just a supplemental sheet of that year.
Also, nothing in their 1982 catalog.
Here's the link should you want to check it out...

Having said all that, it is possible that Queen did make a single blade 28 with wood handles but I believe they would have given it a different pattern number, maybe 28a or something like that. They have done that in the past with other patterns.

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