Recent ebay sales ended 12/05/18

The Remington Corporation and the knives that they built have influenced the U.S. cutlery industry more than nearly any other manufacturer. From the time America was settled, to the end of WWI, American knife companies struggled to compete with Britain and German imports, but events that occurred during and after the First World War led to a great change in this phenomenon. Unprecedented opportunities arose, and Remington stepped up to seize the moment. In the process, they created some of today's most prized collectables. In an ironic twist, the next World War played the greatest role in ending the company’s domination of the industry.
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Re: Recent ebay sales ended 12/05/18

Postby RalphAlsip » Thu Dec 06, 2018 9:21 pm

stockman wrote:A couple of ?????? Remingtons The 293 looks to be a real frame and blades from what I can see. If it is a correct on blades, it probably should not have a pattern number as it is a HTT knife.Harold

Harold, good point regarding "no pattern number". The original does not have a pattern number. I happen to have a modern Silver Bullet Repro of the R293 and the clip blade does have the pattern number stamped. Likewise, the spear blade is stamped with the year, which on my knife is 1998.

My guess is the eBay R293 has repro blades and re-handled repro frame.

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Re: Recent ebay sales ended 12/05/18

Postby stockman » Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:09 am

Jerry, that was my guess also. First I thought it might be a old frame and blades, but very likely a repo messed with. It would be nice to see the blades to check for pattern number. Interesting.


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Re: Recent ebay sales ended 12/05/18

Postby btrwtr » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:41 pm

Two terrible fakes. You never know with an auction and that goes double for an eBay auction. Shill bids, uneducated bidders, counterfeit and heavily reworked items. You only have to pay if you are the last bidder and you never really know what the final bidder had bid or was willing to pay. You only know he beat out the second bidder.

Oddly enough when you open the bid for the fake R1306 eBay directs you to this auction for what looks to be a very nice used and original R1306 that is priced at $975 Buy It Now.

I would think that the winner, that is actually the loser, of the fake auction might look at this real R1306 and turn up his nose.
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