Boker 125 Year Anniversary Set

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Boker 125 Year Anniversary Set

Postby rangerbluedog » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:27 am

The owner of this set was kind enough to let me borrow them for a while so I could take these photos.
Here's what is on the bottom of the box.
The year was 1869. In that year a young man by the name of Heinrich Boker formed a partnership with a well known cutler named Herman Heuser. The name of that company was Heinrich Boker & Co.
1994 will mark the 125th anniversary of Boker Baumwerk or Boker Treebrand.
Throughout its history Boker has satisfied a countless number of knife lovers, seeking only the highest standards available in cutlery. The pride in owning a Treebrand knife remains the same today as it was back then. The number of stories told of Boker knives being handed down from generation to generation are too many to count.
We here at Boker want to thank all of those who have supported us in the past and reaffirm our commitment to guarantee you only the best in the years to come.
Ernst Felix, President

The set consists of: (left to right, top to bottom)
8368 Jackknife 4"
9572 Muskrat 4"
6113 Congress 3 1/2"
495 Razor Barlow 3 1/4"
8588 Stockman 3 3/8"
9885 Lg. Stockman 4"
Interesting note: None of these have the model number stamped on the tang. (so I'm just guessing on the actual model number)
The tang stamp is: HEINR BOKER & CO. (with umlaut) / BAUMWERL-SOLINGEN / GERMANY-ALEMANIA
All blades have the TREE BRAND etch.
I don't know how many of these sets were made, but all the knives in this set are engraved "501".

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Re: Boker 125 Year Anniversary Set

Postby smiling-knife » Wed Jan 20, 2010 4:20 pm

Nice set ::tu:: I have a 125 year Anniversary whitter somewhere around here. :D s-k
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Re: Boker 125 Year Anniversary Set

Postby Hawke » Sat Jan 23, 2010 4:38 am

Boy, Now thats a sweet box right there! I dont normally care for any composite handle knives persay, but I'd sure hold that box!
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Re: Boker 125 Year Anniversary Set

Postby BIGHEAD » Sat Jan 23, 2010 5:12 am

::tu:: ::tu:: ::tu:: ::tu:: ::tu:: ::tu:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds:: ::ds::

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