GEC 440C Stainless Steel comparison

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Aimus Moses
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GEC 440C Stainless Steel comparison

Postby Aimus Moses » Fri Dec 23, 2011 10:54 am

How would you fellers that have GEC knives with 440C stainless steel blades honestly say it stands up compared to the old Schrade+ USA stainless steel or Case's, Queen/Schatt & Morgan's, or Buck's 420HC stainless steel? Is it about the same at holding an edge or better? Is it easy to get a razor sharp edge on it without a lot of work with the sharpening rocks? Does it touch back up to razor sharp edge with little effort after it's been used & worked hard until it's dulled? I've not yet put a GEC knife with 440C stainless steel blades to the test of sharpening it razor sharp, then working it till it dulled and touching it back up resharpened it. Would you call it better or above average than any other 440C,440A, 420HC stainless steel used by the brands I listed, or honestly say it's basically the same as Schrade+ USA, Case, Queen/Schatt & Morgan, or Buck stainless steel. Now I'm not including the so called super stainless steel like ATS34, 154CM, or BG-42. D2 isn't even considered a factor in this question, so we'll leave it out. I've had my own experiences with D2 steel. I know blade steel can be the same type of steel on two exact knives and still be different as in one is good while the other is useless, that also happens in carbon steels blades. I'm just talking on average, are they about the same or does the GEC 440C stainless steel rise head & shoulders above the rest used by other brands of knife companies? Any in-put or first hand knowledge from using these steel enough to compare them would be appreciated. Thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone from my family to yours.


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johnny twoshoes
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Re: GEC 440C Stainless Steel comparison

Postby johnny twoshoes » Fri Dec 23, 2011 12:38 pm

Hey Aimus,
First off, I have zero qualifications for any real opinion to be worth anything and second, I'm biased towards anything GEC. :roll:
I have used a SS GEC from razor sharp to dull as can be, I started toting one to work to see how the steel could hold up. It didn't take long to get the tests going, we had a potato lifter that would get the PTO stuck with vines from the lack of spraying through the year. Of course the PTO wouldn't work, so we had to cut the vines off. I used my SS GEC #72 for this job, it took a while to get the vines all cut off, but the knife did a good job. The edge was trashed though, it just didn't take the work as easily as I though it would, but it still had a useable edge afterwards. I also EDCed a Case large stockman to work, the problem I had with it, is that I used it all the time, everyday. I had a blunt knife to bring home after work all the time. I would sharped it when I got home and get a razor edge back on and ready to go. Between the two knives, my GEC was better for edge retention. Also, whatever Case's secret steel is, it has a problem with chipping, because I have a couple of their knives that will get edge chips.

I use a Lanksy sharpening system, I don't think there is a real difference in which brand of knife I'm sharpening, they all seem to get hair popping with ease. I have used some buck knives that got dull really easily, not even fun to use because I knew the edge wouldn't last. I have a couple Buck knives that will stand the test of time every time. I have a 301 that has an amazing edge and it doesn't give that edge up. It's one of the best steels I have seen, but you know about that one. :wink: Also I have an old 110 that holds an edge all day, after splitting the rib cage and pelvis bone of three whitetail deer, then skinning them all, I still had a good edge. But, Buck has always had an awesome heat treat.

I like my Stainless steel blades from GEC, they are good working knives and I don't have to worry about the edge retention. I'm not afraid to put these knives to work, they can handle it all.

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Re: GEC 440C Stainless Steel comparison

Postby HiPower » Fri Dec 23, 2011 3:01 pm

we tested gec 1095 & 440c on cardboard & sisal 3/8 Ths 2 years ago. the heattreat is excellent, i sent a pioneer 1095 with a mirror bevel to a custom knifemaker whom gutted 3 deer & it would shave arm hair afterwards. he said it was the sharpest knife he had ever seen.gec 440 will hold a little longer than 1095 but i sure like the 1095 grabbing on materials in the boonies. i do know that buck has done wonders with 420 alloys but that is no supersteel. schrades s.s. was better than case ion the 70s & probably early 80s but we never tested most of the others you mentioned.HiPower

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