M5 Bayonet by J&D Tool Co....Maybe a reject?

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M5 Bayonet by J&D Tool Co....Maybe a reject?

Postby knife7knut » Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:00 pm

I picked this M5 up the other day at a second hand shop for $4.There was no handle or pommel or latch mechanism and it looked as if they had never been installed.The blade grind was very rough(looked like the cutting tool chattered when cutting it) and there was a light layer of rust overall. Edges were sharp(false edge on top isn't false)and looked as if it came that way.I didn't even know it was an M5 until I cleaned up the guard.I'll post some pictures later but I'm curious if anyone has ever seen one in this shape.I'm not much into military knives but for the money I couldn't pass this one up.Thinking about making some handles and a pommel for it.
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