schrade scrimshaw

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schrade scrimshaw

Postby pmh2000 » Sun Apr 05, 2009 5:15 pm

I was wanting to know if anyone has a listing of manufacture dates and curent prices for the schrade scrimshaw knives. I have quite a few but only one boxed set, wildlife forever

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Re: schrade scrimshaw

Postby knifeknut » Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:29 pm

Most of the scrimshaws have a signature from the artist followed by the date. Example F.Giorgiani 80. Artist is Frank Giorgiani and was made in 1980. I hope this helps, Not sure about values. Perhaps someone else here can help with that.

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Re: schrade scrimshaw

Postby justold52 » Wed Jun 17, 2009 9:05 pm

I have been watching these come down in price now. (bad times?)

They are selling for about $30.00 a knife in a set with wood case.

So I will say 30 x 5 is $150.00 low end and $200.00 high end.

Many sellers are selling the knife out right and they seem to bring more money than selling the set with case.

I have 7 sets from 1990 to 1995 with 7 knives in each set. I paid $227.50 to $404.99 for them.
Scrimshaw 1995  $404.99.jpg
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Re: schrade scrimshaw

Postby MrBlister » Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:19 pm

Justold.... If you don't have the "McHales Navy" scrimshaw set, I have one for ya.
Featuring a trapper with Ole Lead Bottom (Joe Flynn).
A whittler featuring Tim Conway..
And a sharp finger with etch of Fuji (Yoshio Yoda)
In the lovely display case with a fanny print of Ernest Borgnine..

I invite yer offer (3 party checks accepted)

regards... Blister
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