Kubey D2 Sheath Knife review

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Kubey D2 Sheath Knife review

Post by old4570 » Sat Jun 19, 2021 5:42 am

A) Medium sized monolithic D2 Sheath knife
B) Comes with a Kydex Sheath
C) Heavy knife for its size
D) 250 slices of rope , but whos edge ? Factory or previous owner ? ( ?? )

So cant vouch for the edge , but did 250 slices on the rope . Then sharpened it on the guided knife sharpener . Steel was certainly not the hardest I have ever encountered , Nor the softest . Though the 180 grit diamond ATE the steel with little issue . ::facepalm::
Knife has been re sharpened , so another rope slicing event is due .

The knife is heavy for its size . The centre of gravity is at the forward screw that holds the scales in place . This makes the knife very controllable , but also with the kydex sheath places the CG high on the belt . Do you really want to feel this monolith moving around on your belt ?
I ordered a leather sheath that looked like a good fit . CG is much lower , and I wore the knife around the house for a few hours and even with all that weight . It was actually quite comfortable on the belt ( Leather Sheath ) . I was worried it would pull my pants down , but alas no such worries .

I like it , it's monolithic , fits the hand well , is controllable , sharpens easily and hopefully will do better in the next rope session .
But is no competition for my $25 500+ Slicers I picked up recently . ::shrug::
So , even though I like it the blade steel is disappointing . Well , we will see what happens with further testing .

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