Help Identifying vintage Olsen Knife

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Aaron N
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Help Identifying vintage Olsen Knife

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My Dad gave me this old Olsen folding knife and I am trying to find as much information about it as possible, what style of knife, what kind of handle this is, when it may have been created, what would it have been used for during that time, and is it possible to restore this. Any information would be helpful. Thank you!
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Re: Help Identifying vintage Olsen Knife

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See here ... hp?t=79801 for a reply to your other (identical) post. ::tu::


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Re: Help Identifying vintage Olsen Knife

Post by tongueriver »

Your knife has DuPont® Delrin® handles or covers and was made in the buildings owned by Albert Baer in Ellenville, New York, and would have been an Ulster or Schrade Walden knife, pattern number unknown by me. It is a jack knife, meaning two blades, both arising from one end of the knife. It could be considered an all-purpose everyday sort of pocket knife. The blades are non-stainless and probably 1095 or similar high-carbon steel, prone to oxidation. They will take a keen edge. The bolsters and shield are of a material called nickel silver. The pins and liners would be brass. I am quite sure your knife was made some time in the 1960s.
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