Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.

Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.
Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.
Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.
Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.
Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.
Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.
Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.
Camillus #7 Cam-Loc Adventurer B.S.A.


BRAND:   Camillus

MAKER:   Camillus 

PATTERN:   #7 

LENGTH (Closed):   4-3/4” 

BOLSTERS:   Nickel silver

HANDLES:   White jigged Delrin

BLADES:   Single saber ground stainless steel clip blade.

LINERS:   Brass

TANG STAMPS:   CAMILLUS/New York/U.S.A.            Rear Stamp: 7/PAT.PEND.

CONDITION:   Excellent

DAMAGE:   Normal use and wear, dings and scratches to blade and handles. See pictures.

BLADE WEAR:   Approx 10%

SNAP:   Good




ADDITIONAL INFO:     The Camillus Cam-Loc was introduced as new in a 1973 Camillus Flyer. At that time Camillus said “It’s patented, uncomplicated and foolproof sliding thumb lock makes ‘THE CAM-LOC’ one of the safest outdoor knives available anywhere. It’s super-cutting, corrosion resistant stainless steel blade will help you get the job done quickly, easily and with a minimum effort.”

I believe this knife was made in the 80s or even the 90s before the BSA Adventurer Program. The knife has a sliding lock; you open the knife as you would a normal lockback, and then slide the button on the handle into the forward position, this locks the blade open. To close the blade slide the button all the way to the rear and then close the blade manually. Once the blade is completely seated in the blade pocket you can feel the lock reset itself for use the next time. It is an interesting invention, but was apparently a very popular one as it appears to have been in the Camillus inventory in various forms from the “Indian Stag” versions to this white Delrin handled version. I believe the jigging on both handles are the same, or very close it is the coloration, or lack thereof, that is the difference. The 1973 flyer said it was patented but the rear stamp on this knife says Pat. Pend. It may be this knife was made in the blades stamped before the patent was granted. If that’s the case it may have been made in 1972, the year before the knife was premiered simply so the salesman would have knives to show when they call on the buyers. It’s a nice knife to add to your Camillus or Scouting collection.

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