Keen Kutter Barlow

Keen Kutter Barlow
Keen Kutter Barlow
Keen Kutter Barlow
Keen Kutter Barlow
Keen Kutter Barlow
Keen Kutter Barlow
Keen Kutter Barlow
Keen Kutter Barlow


BRAND: Keen Kutter

PATTERN:   Barlow

LENGTH (Closed):  3-3/8”


HANDLES:   Smooth bone

BLADES:   Long pull spear blade & pen blade

LINERS:   Steel

TANG STAMPS: KEEN/KUTTER (inside of logo) both blades.            Rear Stamp: K2881

CONDITION:   Very good

DAMAGE:   Dings, nicks, scratches, chipping etc. and considerable wear, please see pictures.

BLADE WEAR:   Approximately 20%

SNAP:   Good snap opening, half stop and closing with both blades.




ADDITIONAL INFO:     I had this knife for a few years, I had intended to replace the handles with stag or jigged bone but when I got the knife I started looking at the bone that was on there and really liked it. There is a line down the front bolster, which I thought was a crack when I viewed it online, however when I have it in my hand it is not the large crack I thought it was from the online pictures but it appears it may be a series of small fissures where the bone was cut close to the marrow. Oftentimes there are more porous areas between the marrow and the hard outer bone. I believe that is what this is. The handles on this Barlow were both loose as though someone had tried to pry them off. You can see some chipping around the rocker pin on the front bolster. After setting in my shop for a few years I think the bone dry it out both handles were loose. Using a thin spatula I was able to get between the liner and the handle and gently lifted the handles off both sides without further damaging them. This allowed me to properly clean and prepare the outside liner and the handles of that I could apply epoxy and slide the handles back over the pins and resecure the handles.

This is a long way from a mint knife, but if you are like me and enjoy carrying some of the old knives, this would make a nice EDC!

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