KAMP KING - Imperial Jackmaster Camp Knife

 KAMP KING - Imperial Jackmaster Camp Knife
 KAMP KING - Imperial Jackmaster Camp Knife


MAKER:   Imperial Schrade Corporation


PATTERN:   Kamp King Camp knife #615


LENGTH (Closed):   3-3/4”


BOLSTERS:   Shell bolsters


SHIELD:   Kamp-King (shell shield)


HANDLES:   Shell handles with a thick plastic overlay


BLADES:   Spear, can opener, awl and screwdriver/cap lifter blades


TANG STAMPS:   Unknown precisely because two of the three Kamp Kings I have are still sealed in the clampacks, but one clampack was yellowed and brutal and broke; that tang stamp is IMPERIAL (with a crown over it)/Ireland.


CONDITION:   New old stock still sealed in the clampack


DAMAGE:   None visible




SNAP:   Probably like new




MADE IN:   Ireland


ADDITIONAL INFO:      I was cleaning out a spare closet in our guest bedroom when I discovered a large plastic tote of Imperial Schrade products most of them in clampacks and some that were bulk packed after the Schrade bankruptcy sale. I discovered that Schrade had gone out of business in the summer of 2004 within about a month of the time they close their doors. I bought a lot of Schrade knives from stores before their stock was depleted. The up side to to storing them in the closet is that it’s a nice dry and heated environment, which helps prevent rusting & pitting of carbon steel. From about 2005 until 2008 we made several trips annually from Oregon to Montana to visit grandchildren. We would go different routes so I could find hardware stores I had not tapped yet and look for knives. I purchased a number of the clampack Imperial Jackmaster knives from an Ace Hardware store in a little mining town in Northern Idaho, (I can’t remember the name). It appeared that some of these were relatively new with clear plastic clampacks and a few of the clampacks were yellowed with age, perhaps from being in sunlight also. I have four different patterns I will be posting for sale, all still in the clampacks including the Kamp King, Jackmaster Barlow, fish knife and one jackknife. The card inside does not have a country of origin but I believe these are all shell handle knives made in Imperial Schrade factory in Ireland. The Kamp King Shell handles are a little thicker and constructed a little differently than the Barlow, fish knife and jackknife handles. I have three of the Kamp Kings the end of one of the packages broke because it was yellowed and brittle but the knife seems undamaged though a bit stiff from the hardened oil that was left on the blades. The card inside the clampack of the Kamp Kings are dated “© 1994 Imperial Schrade Corp., Ellenville, NY, 12428.” This knife was listed in the Schrade catalog and pricelists until 2004.


Here is a piece of old Schrade history for your collection.


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