Schrade Bearhead Trapper 96OT

Schrade Bearhead Trapper 96OT
Schrade Bearhead Trapper 96OT
Schrade Bearhead Trapper 96OT
Schrade Bearhead Trapper 96OT

MAKER:   Imperial Schrade Corp.

PATTERN:   Bearhead Trapper 96OT

LENGTH (closed):   4-1/8”

BOLSTERS:   Nickel silver

SHIELD:   Old Timer shield

HANDLES:   Saw Cut Delrin®

BLADES:   Long clip and long spey blades.

LINERS:   Brass


CONDITION:   Very Good +

DAMAGE:   Normal use; minor pitting of blades (see pictures)

BLADE WEAR:   Blades appear to be 95%+ full. They have been sharpened.

SNAP:   Good






ADDITIONAL INFO:      This knife has been cleaned and professionally sharpened. The 96OT is a relative latecomer to the Old Timer family. The pattern was introduced in 1992 just 12 years before Schrade closed its doors. In the handle of this knife Schrade included a nice pair of tweezers and what Schrade called a field pick. This is basically a nice heavy-duty needle set in a brass cap that holds it into the handle. Although I have heard many people refer to this as a toothpick, I would hate to try to pick my teeth with this needle; I fear would be quite painful. I am confident though that this needle in combination with the tweezers would be an excellent tool in the field should one get a sliver or thorn stuck in them. I wish I would’ve had this knife when I was growing up on the ranch. It would’ve come in handy when riding for cattle, mending fences and cutting firewood.


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