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Case Classic 51011, 61011, 81011 Cheetah knife price guide

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Year Pattern Number Handle Description Other Discerning Features Estimated Market Value
1995 51011 1/2 SS genuine stag arrow head shield $179.75
1995 61011 1/2L red bone oval shield $113.00
1995 61011 1/2L yellow bone oval shield (1 of 250) $86.00
1995 61011 1/2L SS light brown genuine bone oval shield (1 of 250 - sn 0) $136.50
1996 61011 1/2 SS green rogers banana bone arrow head shield (1 of 93) $267.00
1996 61011 1/2L wine red bone cartridge shield (1 of 85) $125.50
1996 71011 1/2 SS crushed blue velvet 1 of 90 $119.50

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