About Our Online Price Guide

Please Note: You may find the prices here to be a bit outdated. Most data were entered sometime prior to 2011, but we hope it might still be of some assistance if you take into consideration economic & knife related changes that have taken place between 2011 & now.

The values were originally derived by averaging prices paid for  mint knives that we observed being sold. Data was gathered from e-bay and we only included knives that had never been used, carried, or sharpened and that were described as mint by the seller (we occasionally include near mint plus knives that are sold as such by extra strict knife graders). In addition, we only included knife sales from sellers who have sold over 75 items and who have at least 99.5% positive feedback or 99.5% customer satisfaction. We also checked the pictures as best we could to ensure that the knives were as described. If the pictures were bad, we will not include the sale. 

By setting such strict guidelines, we hoped to obtain the most accurate prices possible of what knives were selling for on the open market. With such data, we hoped that you could determine a very close approximation of what your knives were worth, or what you could expect to pay for a specific knife.