Sell Knives At AAPK

Need an affordable and effective way to sell knives online?

AAPK has created a fantastic high value service for our retail members that includes:

  • Free set-up
  • No listing fees

AAPK strives to provide knife enthusiasts the most affordable option available for buying and selling knives online. We want you to be successful with this venture as well, so we have developed a commission based fee structure. All About Pocket Knives charges 2% on all knives sold from your personal store. No listing fees! (You will be billed monthly, and only when your balance is equal to or greater than $10).We are confident that you will find our fees much less expensive than eBay and other competitors. You have nothing to lose. If you do not have success selling knives, you are out nothing. The store is free to set up, and you pay nothing until you sell something.If you have questions, comments, or concerns regarding this program, or if you are interested in opening a store at All About Pocket Knives, please contact us. Your input is extremely valuable, and we rely on it to take this site to new levels.