Colonial Swiss Master variants

Colonial Knife was incorporated in 1926 by three brothers; Antonio, Domenic, & Fredrick Paolantonio. It grew to become one of the largest pocket knife manufacturers in the US during the 1960s. The company shut down in 1998, but was back into production under the Colonial Cutlery International Corporation in 2001. Colonial Cutlery International, Inc. brand is the imported line of knives and tools while the U.S.A.- made products fall under the Colonial Knife brand.
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Colonial Swiss Master variants

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Recently picked up this early Colonial Swiss Master Sportsman knife. I didn't even know these were a thing until I found this one and started doing some research. It's a 4 blade knife, 3 on one side, one on the other, along with a corkscrew. Really nice knife.

In my research I found that the emblem that is hot stamped on this knife is different than the majority of the knives I was able to find. I also found that there is also a 3rd variant, that looks alot like the SAK emblem.

I was wondering if there was any more info on these variants. Since my knife was found in Canada, and has some Canadian advertising on it, was there a US and Canadian version of the emblem? Both emblems were eventually changed to the Cross of Lorraine, I assume there was a legal reason concerning SAK for the change.

Any info would be appreciated. Always like to get the reasons....
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