4th Columbia SA39

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4th Columbia SA39

Post by old4570 » Fri Jul 30, 2021 2:58 am

Yeah , I have 4 of these now ..
I had to get a 4th one as the seller got in a new batch and I wanted to see if they were as good as the freaky batch I got into ( 3 knives )
Not like a needed another SA39 , but I had to for my own curiosity .. And the cost of my curiosity is only $25 bananas . ::sotb::

where to start ... I got in some 250 slices on the factory edge when it began to tear and catch paper . I could have passed it and gone for 300 as with very careful cutting I could slice the paper . So rather than a 250 fail , ill call it a 250 pass .

I then put the knife to the whetstone grinder . ::woot::
And was the factory grind FUBAR or what ::dang::
Possibly the worst edge I have seen for a Columbia , it was just nasty .

Also when I had ground away most of the factory edge I began to see massive burrs ! ( Under magnification ) Also the very edge had chipping .
This might be a sign of very hard steel . ( over hardened ? ) ::uc::
Anyways , has a mostly fresh edge .. ( Just how much steel do you want to grind away )
We have a lot of wind out there ( gusting to 72kmh and getting worse ) .
In fact the weather has been steadily BAD for several weeks now ( winter ) . ::pray::
Had a half decent day yesterday ( cold ) so got in some rope slicing .
So far this SA39 is on par or better than the previous knives .. Just need another slice test for the whetstone grinder edge .
Taking into consideration how bad the factory grind was , I was a little surprised .

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Re: 4th Columbia SA39

Post by old4570 » Sun Aug 01, 2021 2:46 am

Off the whetstone grinder !

A) I ground the edge too thin and it rolled , this would have hurt performance
B) MAybe I should have stopped here , but I took it to 500 for a solid fail
C) Cleaned up real nice ( strop ) , end of the video .

Yeah , I got overly aggressive with the grind and ground the edge too thin . ::dang::
Probably because of the bad factory grind , I over compensated !

Still , for $25 Australian shipped to my door - This is insane value ..
Yeah the sheath is rubbish , but the knife is not . This be my 4th SA39 . ( I need more sheaths )
::uc:: Yep , I have 4 off them ... ::huff::

After stropping , the edge should be a little more roll resistant . It will only get better with time ( ? Am I actually going to use this knife ? )
::shrug:: It's sharp , and it's there if I need it with ? the other knives I dont use ( I have a few knives ) .

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