The PAL Cutlery Company was established in 1935 as the result of a merger between the Utica Knife & Razor Company and the Pal Blade Company. It purchased Remington's cutlery division in 1939 & manufactured knives in what was at one time the Remington owned factory in Holyoke, Massachusetts. The company used Pal Blade Company and Pal Cutlery Company as brand until they ceased operations in 1953. It's purchase of Remington's cutlery assets resulted in them assembled the remaining Remington parts. so you will find Remington marked Pal's made knives & on occasion knives marked with both the Pal brand & Remington brand.
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I just noticed this subforum, and I'd like to show off my sole Pal.

IT's the common 3 7/8 size. Tang stamp is "PAL BLADE CO MADE IN USA". Handles are imitation ivory celluloid. "Matchstrike" pull on main blade. From what I'm seeing, it's likely from '40-45. The steel liners and bolsters make me agree with that. It's beaten up, and well used, but taken care of. It was my personal EDC for about three years. The steel holds a great edge.

Does this have a pattern number? Does a catalog page exist?
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Re: Stockman

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Pal handle material and blade types all followed Remington designs .pal never made a large variety of patterns .you knife looks to me like the Remington R4643 as pictured in Sargents 3rd edition page 303 .
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