More Case Knives

Have knives or knife related items for sale or for trade? Premium subscribers are welcomed to post them here. Feel free to plug your AAPK knife store or eBay listings as well. Make sure to check out the items our club members have for sale if you are looking to buy.
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More Case Knives

Post by Sharpnshinyknives » Sun Aug 09, 2020 9:21 pm

Putting these two up tonight on Ebay. Both are Wild Horse Customs. The Medium toothpick has Zebra Wood handles, the Zebra Wood replaced what was there originally. The bolsters are engraved in a similar grain to the wooden handles. The stockman is Jade Green bone w/ engraved bolsters and engraved blades. Both are very nicely done modifications that just look spectacular. If you are interested, please PM me as soon as you can, after a bid is placed on Ebay, these will no longer be available.
Prices here on AAPK are 170 for the toothpick and 185 for the stockman. Higher on Ebay so contact me here please.
I also added a few more to my store today, 2 Case Trappers and one A.G. Russell Grandad’s toothpick.
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