Unusual Sheffield at-table carver

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Unusual Sheffield at-table carver

Post by tongueriver » Thu Nov 07, 2019 8:26 pm

Carver, scimitar, Sheffield
Unusual vintage big knife with stag handle made by Joseph Elliot & Sons Cutlers, Sheffield, England. Overall length is about 15 3/4". The blade is about 10" long and 2 1/4" wide at the widest point. It is marked with a backwards C, a cross, and a regular C. Below that is "Joseph Elliot & Sons Cutlers Sheffield." Goins shows a picture of this mark known to be used in 1895. The blade is tight in the handle, no looseness or wobbling, solid. The stag handle is nice. It has a small hairline crack near the blade end. Really an excellent forged knife for carving joints of meat at table. Blade shape is unusual and reminiscent of a mid-Eastern scimitar with a pronounced curve top and bottom, and a deep crescent “clip” at end. The unusually wide blade I believe is designed to facilitate moving the slice of meat to a serving platter. Silver or nickel silver plain threaded ferrule behind the forged integral bolster and ahead of the very nice stag handle. The pommel is a flat nickel silver oval plate pinned with two nickel silver pins into the rear of the stag. There is patina, micro-pitting and a few scratches, and two tiny dings in cutting edge of blade, but otherwise the piece is excellent. Edit: I believe the ‘stag’ to be faux stag, but quite lovely all the same. $50 shipped to U.S. addresses. Any reasonable method of payment is fine.
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