Winchester W18 10121 CRC .3030 Cartridge Series Charcoal Ruby Copper Cheetah

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Winchester W18 10121 CRC .3030 Cartridge Series Charcoal Ruby Copper Cheetah

Postby WillyCamaro » Tue May 14, 2019 5:44 pm

Hey guys. I'v decided to put my Winchester Charcoal Ruby Cheetah up for trade. Shes a knock out beautiful swingguard. Some of the best looking scales i'v ever seen, that means a lot :wink: . I took lots of pics so i hope you can see everything. The swingguard is on perfect, nice and straight. The blade has very good centering. Walk and talk is perfect. Lockup is nice and tight, no blade wobble. Action is smooooth. Swedge cut is great. Long pull is awesome looking on a blade like this. Razor sharp out of the box.
She was only taken out of the box for display, never used once, only cut paper once.
Even the original document is included.
All wrapped up and ready to ship out to you.
I'm looking to trade for either Schatt & Morgan or Queens, really want 76' tang stamps but will look at any of these.
I will need $10 to ship him to you.
Thank you for looks and God Bless!

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