Being new here I have many questions

Ask knife related questions here. Please answer some if you are an experienced collector!
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Being new here I have many questions

Postby mcgee10 » Mon Dec 10, 2018 9:55 pm

I was researching on this forum for tags to different knives to look for what year they were made found many just not the one I'm looking for. Also not sure how to tell the model of a knife?
I have a Camillus Yello jaket knife I have been carrying since the early '70s. Lost the knife for many years now it's like my new pocket knife would like to know how old it is. I'm not a knife collector and sure my knives are not real treasures but they are all made in the USA, most of them were bought in the 70 and 80s. I have a few Camillus, several Schrade, a few Buck, and some Remingtons

Just backspaced most of it out. I have too many questions for all at once. The search here brings up every word I type so many of the searches are useless

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Re: Being new here I have many questions

Postby doglegg » Mon Dec 10, 2018 10:51 pm

McGee, welcome and send a picture. I bet some one can give you an answer quicker than two shakes of a dead lambs tail. But the picture is the key.

You say your not a collector but you have quiet a collection! You said you have no treasures but you were sure excited when you found the one that was lost for so long. Looks to me like you fit right in. Take off your hat and stay a spell. And don't forget to send that (those) pictures. ::tu:: ::tu::

kootenay joe
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Re: Being new here I have many questions

Postby kootenay joe » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:42 am

Welcome McGee. Yes, posting pictures (cropped to show just knife) is how to get answers and before long all your current questions will get answered but the answers will bring up more questions. And, it never ends which is why knife collecting never gets boring.
Collect what you like. It does not matter if a knife was expensive or very inexpensive when first purchased, the history around them is all interesting.
Please post pictures of the knives you have questions about.

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Re: Being new here I have many questions

Postby Quick Steel » Tue Dec 11, 2018 12:49 am

Welcome aboard McGee. Do stay. Do kindly send photos. Learn and above all enjoy. ::handshake::
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Re: Being new here I have many questions

Postby Mumbleypeg » Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:46 am

Welcome to AAPK. Here's how to post pictures viewforum.php?f=98. Just scroll down to the thread appropriate to your device (Apple, android, PC) and follow the directions.

The "search" function is your gateway to the treasure trove of information stored on this site. As you've found, there is so much here on so many cutlery-related topics, that it does take some time to browse the info that it pulls up. Don't give up on it. With a little effort you can become adept at skimming through the posts to find what's applicable to your questions. But don't hesitate to ask questions - someone will likely answer, or point you to the pertinent posts. ::tu::


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