looking for any info on this pocket knife

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looking for any info on this pocket knife

Postby sabinerat » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:14 pm

a friend dug this the other day metal detecting can any one give me the age and brand we figure 30s it was a old football field where it was dug thanks for any info

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Re: looking for any info on this pocket knife

Postby bestgear » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:17 pm

::welcome:: to AAPK. Sorry I can help with the identification but someone will be along who can. I'll bet that metal detector was screaming when the knife was found ::nod::
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Re: looking for any info on this pocket knife

Postby Bamarick » Fri Jan 12, 2018 6:33 pm

I can't tell a lot from the picture so I'll give you my best guess. The brand looks like maybe a Kutmaster or Utica and I'd say you are probably close on the age, 1930's to 1940's. It looks like it has iron bolsters and the scales are celluloid. Like I said, just guessing and someone will probably come along with better information. I hope this will help.

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Re: looking for any info on this pocket knife

Postby btrwtr » Sat Jan 13, 2018 1:04 pm

Not sure about the manufacturer but I think Bamarick is on the right track. Your knife has what looks to be a staple type shield. The pointed ends of the shield are bent and then pressed into the celluloid handle material. I've seen this type of shield on Utica brand knives among others. I remember having a Utica brand knife with the exact same type of celluloid handles.
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