Robeson Sunfish Knife

The first Robeson knives were imported by Millard Robeson from England and Germany exclusively. This continued from 1979 until 1896 when Robeson began manufacturing knives in the United States. Since inception, the company has gone through several reorganizations & eventually ended up as a Queen Cutlery brand.
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Re: Robeson Sunfish Knife

Postby carrmillus » Thu Nov 15, 2018 3:51 pm wrote:Welcome to AAPK!

You have a very nice old Robeson knife. It's seen some heavy use, but no abuse and it's a survivor, probably approaching a hundred years in age, if, indeed, it has not already exceeded that.

The blades, though tarnished, are fairly near original shape and size.

The handles are very attractive, enough so, to make the knife desirable to just about any collector of old knives.

Robeson's toenail knives were somewhat unique, in that they were swell-center, as Roger stated and they were the only company to make a swell-center, equal-end one.

Also, Robeson was the only company, as far as I know, to make their toenails using two backsprings. The large blade rides on both springs and the smaller blade on one. They also made them with one backspring. I think the single spring knife is the more rare of the two.

Here is my example, an apparent salesman sample, as it does have an inked pricing code on the master blade. The handles are kind of bland compared to some. It's the only one I've ever owned.

Charlie Noyes

.........beautiful, Charlie!!!...I have 2 Camillus sunfish that are among my favorites!!......just wish I had the one I used to watch my granddad whittle with!!!........... ::tu:: ::tu:: ::tu:: ..............

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