Schrade Cutlery Company was founded in 1904 by George Schrade, and his brothers Jacob and William Schrade. In 1946 Imperial Knife Associated Companies, (IKAC; an association of Ulster Knife Co and Imperial Knife Co) purchased controlling interest in Schrade Cut Co and changed the name to Schrade Walden Cutlery. In 1973 the name was changed to Schrade Cutlery. In 2004 Schrade closed due to bankruptcy.

This forum is dedicated to the knives that are the legacy of this company. This forum is not the place to discuss the replica knives currently being imported using the Schrade name.
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Postby cody6268 » Wed Nov 28, 2018 12:46 am

Schrade used "Knives like Granddad's" as an advertising slogan quite frequently. My first Old Timer (provided, I only got my first knife 2 years after they went under) was actually Granddad's, his old beat up late '70s 34OT with minor electrical damage to the main blade. Guess he figured that if I lost it, it wouldn't be that big a deal. Of the knives of my childhood that were decent, only one doesn't survive, and that's a Case Mini Blackhorn John Deere edition. And I'm sure that's still around the house, probably in a cabinet. And most ain't much worse than they were when I got 'em.

Recently, I got the 106OT "Granddad's" and thought it would be cool to post it with Granddad's Old Timer. Old Timer Granddad's and Granddad's Old Timer, the 34OT


And also, a comparison with the scissors on a couple SAKs. Director (Executive with stainless steel scales) and Companion (smooth Alox Classic). I tested them a bit, and found them just to be as good as the Vic's. I'm betting money Adler made the scissors, who actually assembled a few SAK-type knives with Vic parts at one point. Forgot I had my Huntsman in the pocket, which I could have had in the comparison. ::dang::


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Re: Granddad's

Postby doglegg » Wed Nov 28, 2018 2:08 am

Cool Cody, especially that it was your grand fathers. Thanks for the comparison.

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Re: Granddad's

Postby Meridian_Mike » Tue Dec 04, 2018 3:20 pm

I just recently found myself a 106OT that I could afford....LOL. Congrats on finding yourself one.
I love the train!
I found my grandson one at the local antique store a few weeks ago. NOW, when he gets a little older maybe we can get that old joker going.

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