show your uncle henry's

Schrade Cutlery Company was founded in 1904 by George Schrade, and his brothers Jacob and William Schrade. In 1946 Imperial Knife Associated Companies, (IKAC; an association of Ulster Knife Co and Imperial Knife Co) purchased controlling interest in Schrade Cut Co and changed the name to Schrade Walden Cutlery. In 1973 the name was changed to Schrade Cutlery. In 2004 Schrade closed due to bankruptcy.

This forum is dedicated to the knives that are the legacy of this company. This forum is not the place to discuss the replica knives currently being imported using the Schrade name.
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Re: show your uncle henry's

Postby zoogirl » Sun Dec 23, 2018 7:54 am


So, of course among all the wonderful, mint Schrade, I come up with the black sheep!
Someone did bad things to ‘ol Uncle Henry. This 227 came to me with both blades looking more like the edge of a saw. It’s been grindered and lost a tip on the main blade. Handles fine though.
OTOH, it was fifteen bucks at the swapmeet today. Naturally, it followed me home. I seem to be running a refuge for the old and ugly!
This is my first and only Schrade. Gotta start somewhere!
I’m too young to be this old!
“Hey Ann, gotchyer knife?!”

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Re: show your uncle henry's

Postby tongueriver » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:04 pm

Welcome to the Dark Side, Zoo! That knife will still go CUT. And the folding hunter has been one of my favorite patterns since Day One, or... um... a long time ago.

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