What size GEC case for my Oregon Trapper

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What size GEC case for my Oregon Trapper

Postby LSS152 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 3:24 pm

I just got my Frontier bone Oregon Trapper. What size GEC case will work on this knife is it the large or medium? Are there any other leather cases that you guys would recommend? Thanks for the help!

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Re: What size GEC case for my Oregon Trapper

Postby Tsar Bomba » Mon Apr 23, 2018 4:01 pm

I received one of the basic sleeves each from CollectorKnives and KnivesShipFree. The Frontier Bone 43 is simply too thick for the CK slip while the narrower 43s (camel bone, jigged green bone, etc.) seem to fit but require some effort unless the slip is already broken in. The KSF slip which came with my 43 fits the camel bone and green bone absolutely perfectly. I haven't tried it with the Frontier Bone 43 yet, although the KSF slip does seem to be a little roomier overall so it might accomdate the thicker bone.

I haven't bought any of the GEC slips.
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Re: What size GEC case for my Oregon Trapper

Postby DM11 » Mon Apr 23, 2018 7:09 pm

I dont know. I would call the factory. They will know the answer to your question. My 43 Antique Green bone fits into the KSF Mainstreet Pocketslip and Deluxe Pocketslip.

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