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Re: GEC "PPP" Designation

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 10:44 pm
by wlf
big monk wrote:
XX Case XX wrote:GEC has always put the PPP on there first "run" of a "new pattern" regardless of handle material or production total* -- normally they run the TIDIOUTE labels first --when a ""New Pattern"" is introduced, "all" the Tidioute in the first run will have the PPP bling** __ the Northfield & Great Eastern ( if they run a batch ) ,nor the second run of Tidioute will have the PPP** -- **ONLY** the ""first run / batch"" of knives, will have the PPP bling** -- at one time,this was a ,plus++, for collectors :) _ as was getting the knife with 002 serial number ( 001 was always kept in the factory collection* ) not so much anymore due to production changes / totals** -- still the best American made pocket knife IMHO** :) ::tu::

PS -- I have seen GEC knives have several ""Prototype"" knives for the same pattern ( more than once ) and the Prototype knives ""selling price" was more from the dealers** --- in the early years, some were even stamped ""Factory Test Production"" when they would try a unique handle material** -- was a lot of fun collecting & trying to keep abreast of all the happenings !!! ::nod::

Yes, and you can verify them by production totals given on the site. ::tu:: Hard to fool anyone that takes time to research a GEC.

Re: GEC "PPP" Designation

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:15 pm
by RalphAlsip
I wasn't paying enough attention when these patterns were released to know if they came before Tidioute or GEC sub brands. One of these knives with the PPP designation is a SFO knife for Blade Forums (harness jack 35). The other is a Northfield Texas Camp Knife 98 pattern.

I'm not trying to dispute or refute any comments made earlier - just providing examples of where the PPP designation can end up being used.

Tangent alert: The 35 harness jack is my most carried knife. The spear blade & punch configuration is very well suited to light use daily knife needs.