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Need to find a few sodbusters to rescale

Posted: Sat Jan 13, 2018 4:12 pm
by Rotten
A friend has been teaching me to work on pocket knives and it got me to thinking about making presents for next Christmas.

So I'm looking for a half dozen sodbuster to clean up and rescale to give to my brother, our sons and my grandson.

I know somebody has to have some damaged sodbusters they've just thrown in a box.
As long as the blades are in good shape I don't care what the scales look like.
I realize I could get some Chinese made really cheap but I'd prefer better steel because the scales will be quality figured wood.

Don't have to get them all at once so let me know what you have.

Preference is for Schlieper but I don't know if my overall budget will let me go that way even with damaged knives.
Case CV would be just fine.