Case Classic? Lockback Whittler help please!

There were 37 knife patterns manufactured in the early to mid 1990s that make up the Case Classic line of knives. They are the product of Jim Parker's realization of a dream to replicate classic knives of many years past.
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Re: Case Classic? Lockback Whittler help please!

Postby Shearer » Wed Jan 20, 2016 12:44 am

dagunrunner wrote:
Shearer wrote:Here couple of listings for Frost knives it looks to be the same frames.See where the pins are in the handles
I don't collect Case knives so I could be wrong. ::shrug:: ... SwHQ9Wa1-J ... Swa-dWkSkE


Shearer, your are right. The knives are eerily similar. Did Frost ever make anything for Case?

I would not know if Frost made knives for Case.
All I could say is someone could see a big profit in making the knife as most Case lockback whittlers sell for $400 plus as for Frost they are flat out getting a bid on ebay.

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