How do product expiration dates work?

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How do product expiration dates work?

Postby Bryan » Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:45 pm

If you’ve checked out your product list page that’s accessible from the seller’s dashboard, you may have noticed that each item has an expiration date.

When a product is added to the AAPK Member store platform, its expiration date is set to two months from the date on which it was listed.

If a product is allowed to expire, the item will no longer show up on the member store. To keep everything active for longer than 2 months, expiration dates must be extended

There are two ways to do this. The first & by far easiest way is to simply visit your seller’s dashboard periodically during your normal course of AAPK store related business.

Every time you visit your dashboard to check sales, or carry out any activity for that matter; a program is triggered to seek items that are not out of stock (> 0 inventory) & are within 1 month of expiration.

All item found that meet the criteria will get their expiration dates extended back to two months automatically.

We do this to cull out neglected items without burdening active sellers with requirements to go through & extend expiration dates manually.

Bottom line is this… If you visit your dashboard at least once a month, you need not be concerned with the expiration dates for “In Stock” items.

So what about “out of stock” items?

Out of stock item’s expiration dates will not get extended automatically. If you want those items to stay active, you will need to extend your product’s expiration date the second way, which is to click the “Extend Date” link shown in the circled portion of the attached image.

If a product is allowed to expire, it will stay in the AAPK database for an additional 3 months before it will be automatically removed.

Expired products can only be extended by clicking the “Extend Date” link. They will not get extended automatically by simply visiting the seller's dashboard.

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