Western X245

Western X245
The 45 pattern was produced from 1931 through 1941 per the catalog reprint pages in TKMWWW. It may have been a Western offering from 1928 to 1930, but I haven't seen any catalogs from that period. It may have also available prior to 1928 (when Western started making their own fixed blades), as the pattern is similar to knives made by other companies during the 1920s. All fixed blades Western sold prior to 1928 were made by other companies.

The 1931-1940 knives came in 2 flavors - the X245 and the 245R. The X245 had composition pearl handles with black underlayment while the 245R had a thicker guard with metal and fiber washers behind the guard. The handles were of composition pearl, but the catalog description omits any mention of black underlayment. The 1941 catalog omits mention of the black underlayment on either the X245 or the 245R.

The stamp on this knife is WEST-CUT over BOULDER COLO. This shows that the WEST-CUT line was around long before 1958 when the K-series knives came out with the WESTCUT stamp.
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Western X245

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