Remington Knife Handle Materials

Remington Knife Pattern Number Stamp Remington pocket knife handle material number designation

On Remington Knives, The the last digit of the pattern number indicates the type of material used to make the handle. The pattern # R4483, for example, tells you that the knife handle is made of bone because the # 3 was used by Remington to identify bone.

The following is a reference to all of the handle materials used by Remington; all of them that I know of anyways.

1 = Redwood

Remington Redwood HandlesOn vintage Remington knives, redwood was used mostly on work knives.

2 = Black

Remington Black HandlesThis is a composite material that has a smooth texture. Knives made of it are very tough and make excellent work knives.

3 = Bone

Remington Bone Knife HandlesBone handles come from the shinbone of cows. Over the years, it has been the most used material in making knife handles. It allows for a wide range of variation because it can be died any color, and jigged in many different ways.

4 = Genuine Mother Of Pearl

Remington Genuine Mother Of Pearl Knife HandlesPearl is made from the inner shell of oysters. Small thin pieces of the shell are bonded together to form large sheets that were then shaped into handles.

5 = Pyremite

Remington Pyremite Knife Handle ScalesPyremite was created by Remington and used to achieve extremely diverse handle colors. It was died many different colors.

6 = Genuine Stag

Remington Genuine Stag Knife Handle ScalesGenuine Stag was hardly ever used by Remington on knives that were not bullet knives. Those patterns that have genuine stag scales and are not bullet knives are very collectible.

7 = Genuine Stag

Ivory or White Bone

8 = Cocobolo

Remington Cocobolo Knife Handle ScalesThis is a reddish brown colored wood that is very hard and has a fine grain. The trees grow in Central America.

0 = Buffalo Horn

Remington Buffalo Horn Knife Handle Scales