GEC’s Knife Numbering System

Great Eastern Cutlery knife tang stamp guide

Main Blade Identification Key:
0. Wharncliffe
1. Regular Clip
2. Regular Spear
3. Sheep Foot
4. Spey
5. Drop Point/Skinner
6. Sabre Clip
7. Sabre Spear
8. Muskrat Clip
9. Cotton Sampler


Stamp reads: 252110. You would be looking at a pattern # 25 with a single regular Spear master blade made in 2010.

Stamp reads: 735208. You would be looking at a pattern # 73 with two blades. The master blade would be a Drop point/Skinner, and it would have been made in 2008.

Suffix Abbreviations:

In addition to the standard pattern number, GEC blades & tubes can sometimes contain additional letters that were stamped or written on to identify additional features about the knife. The abbreviations used up to the date of writing are listed below.

B : Barlow
BAL : Bail
BE: Bare End
BEJ : Bare End Jack
BH : Big Horn
BHM : Big Horn Moose
BJ : Big Jack
BJM : Bullwinkle J. Moose
DP : Double Pull Blade
EC : End Capped
ECL : End Cap & Lock
ECLHL : End Cap & Left Hand Lock Mechanism
ECLP : End Cap & Long Pull on Master Blade
EO : Eeasy Open
EOJ: Easy Open Jack
FB : Flat Bolsters
FT : Furtaker a.k.a. Improved Muskrat
H : Hunter
HP : Hoof Pick
J : Jack
JFB : Jack with Flat Bolsters
L : Linerlock
LB : Lockback
LHL : Left Hand Lock
LP : Long Pull
LPB : Long Pull Barlow
LPBHM : Long Pull Big Horn Moose
LPBJ : Long Pull Big Jack
LPM : Long Pull Moose
LT : Lock & Lanyard Tube
M : Muskrat, Moose
MFT : Muskrat Furetaker
P : Punch
SAB : Saber Grind
STL : Steel
T : Lanyard Tube
W : Whittler
WR : Wrangler
WT : Western Trapper

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