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FOR THE LAST 4 YEARS I HAVE SOLD AS (lr64knives) with over 1,500 feedbacks at a 100% ON E-BAY.      >>>>MORE THEN THAT NOW WITH WITH ALL ABOUT POCKET KNIVES>>>          I have enjoyed old or HISTORICAL KNIVES over 60 years & been 1,000's of miles to National Knife Collector shows (of which I was a member since 1976) & go to other related shows & places searching, buying, trading & selling them..The history of some of the great old knives & knife Companies is appealing to me, that is why I selected the name "HISTORICAL KNIVES".which anymore is lr64knives.(Most of what I sell is 75 to 150 years old and have have been in my collection awhile..) <YOU MAY LOOK AT MY FEEDBAXCK ON ALLABOUTPOCKETKNIVESFOR MANY YEARS NOW    **I WAS ONE OF THE FIRST TO BE WITH HIM ON THAT SITE***   {Unless I state otherwise or they are a newer knife, THEY ARE A ANTIQUE & NOT MINT*****  Most are shipped out in Priorty mail boxes.... QUESTIONS ??**I HIGHLY RECOMEND GETTING A GOINS ENCLCLOPEDIA OF CUTLERY MARKINGS BOOK AND KNIFE WORLD MONTHLY PUBLICATION..

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