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Member Since 11-10-2017

Interests: Fishing, Brewing beer, drinking beer, knives (automatic and manual). Smoking meats (jerky, bacon and pulled pork are my favorites).

Occupation: Retired for the past year. Previously worked as an auto mechanic for 22 years and as a technical editor for 23 years after that.

Location: Roseville, Mi

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I take old, abused knives and bring them back to life. All of the knives in my store have been disassembled, cleaned, polished and reassembled. Most have had new bone handles installed. 

All of the knives on this site are used and re-furbished. None of the knives on this site are perfect. They may have nicks, scratches, pitting and discoloration that wasn't removed during the cleanup process. All knives function properly unless noted otherwise.

All knives on this website are sold "as-is" and cannot be returned. Please view the photos and ask any questions you have before you place your order. Additional photos are always available if needed.